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  • The Outsiders Bottom line and you will Analysis away from Chapters step one and dos

    28 juin 2022

    The Outsiders Bottom line and you will Analysis away from Chapters step one and dos


    This new novel starts with Ponyboy, the fresh new narrator, making the new « darkness of the flick domestic. » He has only seen a great Paul Newman motion picture. The guy relates to themselves towards the viewer, directly, and you can notes his household situation: the guy life with his more mature brothers, Darry and you can Soft drink. Its moms and dads had been murdered in a vehicle collision, while the boys is « stay along with her only as long as i work. » He including makes reference to their social status, which is that of good « Greaser ».

    Ponyboy increases worried that he is strolling alone, because Greasers tend to rating popped by Socs, « the brand new jet-set, south-west-front rich babies. » As soon as he’s that it consider, a reddish Corvair begins pursuing the him, in which he starts perspiration and having terrified. In the near future they are surrounded by Socs. Among them flips aside a knife and you can asks in the event the Ponyboy requires an excellent haircut; he’s overpowered by the her or him, on the knife to his mouth, and initiate shouting.

    Brand new Outsiders Realization and you will Investigation from Sections 1 and you will dos

    A good scuffle arises, and you can Ponyboy was aided so you’re able to their feet by Darry, their eldest brother. The newest Greaser group have chased out the Socs. Sodapop, Ponyboy’s other elderly brother, amenities him as he whines, and very quickly the complete group return. They usually have chased the newest Socs away which have stones. Ponyboy makes reference to Steve Randle, Two-part Mathews, Dallas Winston, and you may Johnny Cade to the audience; it create this new Greaser gang.

    Ponyboy try hemorrhaging where the Soc clipped their face. In the future Darry initiate scolding Ponyboy to possess strolling home throughout the video clips by himself, and you can Ponyboy teaches you to your viewer one to « Myself and you will Darry merely failed to dig both. I never you will definitely please him. » Soft drink sticks right up to have Ponyboy, as he constantly really does. Dally implies visiting the movies another nights, but Steve and Soft drink has arrangements employing girlfriends, Evie and you will Sandy. Ponyboy states he and you may Johnny will go toward films, after that begins to ponder the kind of females new Greasers stop with. He secret if almost every other female act the same.

    Later one to evening, Ponyboy was learning Great Standards having college, and you may makes reference to Pip, a portion of the character. The guy remembers a period inside biology when a lovely girl is surprised as he flipped aside their blade in order to dissect a great worm. Meanwhile, Soda are giving Darry a before therapeutic massage to own a pulled muscle mass off their work roofing system. Ponyboy bemons exactly how Darry must « functions such as for instance a classic guy when he is twenty, » in order to care for their brothers.

    Sodapop involves bed, and you will explains to help you Ponyboy you to Darry « never indicate nothin’. They https://r-cf.bstatic.com/images/hotel/max1024x768/710/71020635.jpg are just adopted so much more worries than just individuals their many years should. » Ponyboy doesn’t most learn, regardless of if. They speak about as to the reasons Soda decrease out of school: « ‘Cause I’m dumb. » Soft drink says he’s going to wed Exotic, their spouse, in the future whenever she comes to an end college or university. He tells Ponyboy he’s crazy about this lady, right after which drops sleeping. The section concludes having Ponyboy thinking just what Soda created on the Darry. The guy finds it tough to believe you to their oldest cousin likes your, when they are always scolding him. The guy says to themselves he cannot care about his connection with Darry, however, admits that, « I sit so you can me for hours on end. But We never believe me. »

    Chapter dos begins the next night, whenever Johnny and you can Ponyboy to get to know Dally to see a movie. It get there very early, and also have for you personally to shoplift smoking cigarettes throughout the drugstore. They are available at Dingo, « a fairly crude hangout, » and get caught up for the « who was simply running away, and you can who was simply in jail, and you may who was simply going with whom, and you will just who you may whip who, and which stole what just in case and exactly why. » On the path to this new drive-during the theatre, they bring about difficulties chasing after to junior higher kids. Then they sneak in along side back-fence of the Nighttime Double push-for the flick, while they can pay for to get in.